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What Our Clients Say

SayitNNicely has helped us improve communication in the workplace by teaching us how to express ourselves in a kind and thoughtful manner. Our employees have become better communicators, leading to increased productivity and better outcomes. Overall, it has been a valuable resource for improving communication and productivity in our workplace.
Max Strauss
My life has been so frustrating lately! My boyfriend and I just can't seem to communicate properly. He never listens to me and I feel like he doesn't understand me at all. It's been driving me crazy! But then, I stumbled upon this awesome website and it's been a game-changer for us. I'm grateful that it has made such a difference in our relationship!​
Alexa Garcia
Before discovering SayitNNicely, my relationship with my daughters was strained and filled with constant misunderstandings and arguments. Now, I've learned how to communicate more effectively with them and I've been able to build stronger, more positive relationships with my daughters, and we're finally able to understand each other.
Pablo Smith

Led by medical expert & speaker with over 25 years experience:

Dr. Michelle C. Powell is an accomplished Family Physician with over 30 years’ experience in education, public speaking and coaching. She is an entrepreneur, and the founder of SayItNNicely. After learning from her own challenges in effective communication, she created this company. Through her extensive study of human connection, she has developed unique strategies for fostering understanding and empathy which has made her a sought-after expert, positively impacting countless lives worldwide.

Actively Listen To Others

Making an effort to understand what people say, pay attention with asking questions for clarification, and respond in a way that demonstrates you've heard and understood their message.


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